Our Products and Services Include:

  • Exchange and Specialist Service Audits

    We are the most experienced Subscriber Auditors worldwide. JCV has been very successful protecting our clients' revenue stream as well as bringing additional value to the shareholders. JCV has completed hundreds of subscriber and vendor audits. JCV understands real-time information delivery systems and entitlement systems, as well as how data is used and misused. With our own in- house legal staff to guide us, we know how the general terms and conditions of our clients govern the use of their data.

  • New Products from JCV Investment Systems, LLC
    JCV Audit Genie™ and JCV Audit Project Web™

    JCV Investment Systems, LLC has developed two new commercial software products for Exchanges and Vendors to automate the auditing process

    JCV Audit Genie is used for the automated verification of subscriber Honesty Statements using the audit trail documentation provided by such software as DACS, MDM as well as Info Match and others. Combined with the terminal counts reported to the exchanges, liability spreadsheets are computed in minutes rather than the weeks required previously.
    See recent article from Inside Market Data.

    This tool allows JCV, the exchanges, specialist service providers and feed vendors to calculate audits more quickly, as well more accurately as it eliminates the manual processing. It is also table-driven, allowing the data content providers and content delivery vendors to customize the software based on unique reporting guidelines. For those exchanges (content providers) interested in doing their own audits in-house, this tool is available for lease.

    JCV Audit Project Web is used to track and manage auditing efforts throughout the various stages of each audit. It is a project management tool that includes areas for e-mail tracking, documentation check-in, ownership and audit lifecycle stage tracking. It allows the user to easily and conveniently track hundreds of audits effectively and efficiently.